An index is a calculated average of selected share prices, representing a particular market or sector.

You can think of an index as a ‘basket’ of shares that provides a broad sample of an industry, sector or economy. The collective performance of these shares gives a good indication of trends in the overall market they represent.

As well as enabling investors to track changes in the value of a general stock market, indices also provide a useful benchmark to measure the success of investment vehicles such as mutual funds and share portfolios.

Our stock indices service

  • CFDs on the largest range of global indices
  • Leveraged trading
  • Trades executed in 0.1 seconds
  • 24-hour support
  • Sophisticated charting software

Our charges

  • Global indices from 1 point
  • No commission
  • No requotes with EG’s own platform

What do our clients think of today’s key indices?

These charts show the percentage of our clients who have long and short positions on these markets. This is calculated to the nearest 1%.

Australia 200

Wall street

Germany 30

US Tech 100

We offer exposure to a number of sectors of the Australia 200, including retail, banking and mining.

Trade CFDs on a vast range of Australian and US, European and Asian futures, with mini-futures available for CFDs.